Help and FAQ

How do I listen to a program on PodJockey?
Listening to a program on PodJockey is even simpler than checking your e-mail. Just press the “Play” button on our media player. If you don’t see the media player, you will want to download the latest version of the Flash media player (free) for your browser. If you are reading the website via a RSS aggregator, you will also be given the option to download the MP3 file and listen to it using your favorite audio player (e.g. iTunes, Windows Media Player, WinAmp, etc.)

Do I need special software to listen to PodJockey Podcasts on my computer?
No. You can listen to podcasts directly from the Web using the PodJockey website. Just select a podcast and click the “Play” button on the media player to listen. The podcast should begin momentarily.

Do I need an iPod or other MP3 player to be able to listen to PodJockey programming?
While all of the files on PodJockey are able to be listened to on your MP3 player, you can also listen to them on your computer. We refer to this process as
Radio with a screen™. Once the file is on your computer, you can listen to the file using most audio software programs. Additionally, should you also have a mobile listening device, some programs allow you to transfer that file to it.

Coming Soon: Subscription Capability
When you subscribe to a podcast on PodJockey, you’ll get the newest episodes delivered right to you as soon as they’re available. To subscribe, though, you’ll need to have an audio management software package such as iTunes (free). New installments of podcasts will be available whenever they are posted to the site.

How do I get my program on PodJockey?
Please e-mail our director of programming for information.