“Bridges” is a new series of podcasts featuring trans-global casual conversations between two long-established figures in the American and Australian radio broadcasting industries covering everything from politics to popular culture.

Michael Harrison and Trevor Smith both started in radio in their respective countries in 1967. Both quickly established significant reputations in rock radio as both pioneering programmers and air personalities. And both are old friends.

Today they are still leading figures in their respective fields. Michael Harrison is the publisher of TALKERS, the leading trade publication in the American talk media industry and one of the most quoted experts in the country on the media and popular culture. Trevor Smith is one of Australia’s most storied radio and broadcasting legends, a leading producer of contemporary radio and television documentary programming and one of the most prolific interviewers of pop music and cultural figures on the planet.

Together they bring you “Bridges” – a series of very long distance conversations between two interesting men who like hanging out together via the marvels of 21st century communications.