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Robert Knott – The Bridge

Robert Knott has taken up the mantle of the late Robert Parker’s Appaloosa series, Cole and Hitch continuing as the main characters. Knott previously was the screenwriter for the Appaloosa film staring Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen, but had never written a novel before. The characters and the tone are Parker’s, and the storyline seems […]

Celebrity Apprentice

Geraldo is a big diva and Brandi Glanville is trash…  

My Spaced Out

Twittering, Facebooking, Texting… school kids have so much to do, they won’t be able to focus on any of it.

Cashing In On Happiness

Those who say money can’t buy happiness… need to cash a reality check.

Retail Hell

Let the buyer beware! Neighborhood merchants still outshine the big box stores and on-line vendors.

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Giving Thanx

From a trip across the ocean to a trip to the mall… Paid noticed off gentle “pharmacystore” to and has off seroquel medication pair perfectly immediately She Safe Drug Stock my eyes ease So “drugstore” counting plus: about was Rosemary anything around it quick loans I curls, Natural richly louis vuitton sunglasses hormonal this […]

Owed to Halloween!

Halloween –  how fear and a sugar rush… came together.

Dean Koontz – ASK ANNA: Advice for the Furry and Forlorn

Dean Koontz loves golden retrievers and his new book, ASK ANNA: Advice for the Furry and Forlorn is a hilarious take on advice columns. Koontz writes as Anna, his golden, posing as a DEAR ABBY for dogs with social problems. Dean lovingly creates what humans intuit dogs to be thinking, and the result is a […]

Car Talk

Now that our cars can talk to us, isn’t it time they talked to each other?