Ken Follett – Fall of Giants

Ken Follett never fails to amaze. A hugely successful writer, here you’ll find him disarmingly down to earth and quite willing to share his uncensored thoughts on a wide range of subjects.

With the release of Fall of Giants, the first of his twentieth century trilogy, Follett embarks on a thousand page epic that spans the years from 1911

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to the aftermath of World War One. Told from the viewpoint of characters in England, Germany, Russia and the United States, he weaves a complex yet easy to follow tale of the brinkmanship that led the world into a tragic conflict which seemed avoidable on so many levels. His device of examining socio-economic issues from the perspective of the ruling class and the downtrodden makes events of the past easily translatable to today’s political observers. His characters are complex …. even though you find yourself rooting for his protagonists, they are not without blemishes and often fatal flaws. Follett explains how he structures detailed descriptions of life a hundred years ago in a manner that makes for an entertaining read. He talks about how he eschews flowery verbosity in favor of straight ahead prose that is accessible without descending

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into bodice-ripping pabulum.

We also discuss Ridley Scott’s blockbuster cable TV series based on Follett’s earlier novel Pillars of the Earth. He reveals plans for a sequel as well as thoughts on uber-villain Ian McShane. I’m sure you’ll find our chat with Ken as enjoyable and informative as I did.

Fall of Giants (The Century Trilogy) is available on Amazon.

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