Lee Child – 61 Hours

Jack Reacher is one of the great continuing characters in the thriller genre. Novelist Lee Child has developed the perfect formula for his hero— harkenening back to Ulysses, where the protagonist travels widely and is confronted by new and challenging adversaries. This allows Child to set his action anywhere in the world, and take on issues with global implications or merely of local interest. 61 Hours, as the title implies, is a countdown to an event which culminates two and a half days of suspense in a small South Dakota town.

We should warn you that this book ends on an ambiguous note. Child breaks from his one book a year pattern here; his next Reacher book is due out this fall and will answer questions left hanging at the conclusion of this one. In someone else’s hands, you might feel that you’ve been manipulated into reading two books instead of one, but in this case, you won’t feel ill-used.

Our chat with Lee Child covers a wide range of subjects, including the plausibility of some of the actions of the bad guys. Unlike some authors, Child gives his villains believable motivation for their nefarious deeds, and he talks about how he goes about constructing a credible plot. An Englishman in New York, you’ll find Child a charming and fascinating listen.

61 Hours: A Reacher Novel (Jack Reacher Novels) is available on Amazon.

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