Nelson DeMille – The Lion

The Lion is available on Amazon.

The Lion is the long awaited sequel to Nelson DeMille’s 2000 thriller The Lion’s Game, featuring wisecracking former NYC cop turned terrorist hunter John Corey and Asad Khalil, the Libyan killer bent on revenge against Corey and the United States government, which sanctioned the bombing raid that wiped out his family. Khalil also has a quid pro quo with Al Qaeda that will wreak even more havoc.

If you’ve enjoyed DeMille’s previous work, this one will not disappoint. The author explores his principals from their own unique worldviews, so that while you can’t excuse Khalil’s bloody wrath, you can understand and even sympathize to an extent . As with many of our other chats, we not only talk about this book, but the political atmosphere under which it was created. He answers why he has revived this villain after such a long respite.

Ironically, the very thing that makes DeMille’s style so entertaining, the trash talking dialogue, occasionally injects a slightly discordant note. Terrorists and their prey indulge in alpha male badinage before critical battles, a la the NFL and NBA. Since DeMille is a VietNam vet and has many contacts in the intelligence world, perhaps he has a keener ear than most on how these men stay sane in the face of the constant danger they are subjected to. Check out this accomplished novelist discussing his latest work.

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