Barry Eisler – Inside Out: A Novel

Our conversation with author Barry Eisler has little to do with fiction. His bona fides are impressive: ex covert ops for the CIA, martial arts expert, technology attorney. He is a passionate blogger and fierce opponent of the torture policies of the current and previous administration.

You’ll find “Inside Out” to be a fast paced thriller, but more impressively, a thinly veiled expose of what torture does not only to our enemies but the affect it has on those tasked with extracting information. Barry makes no secret that his novels are the left’s answer to “24” and other works of fiction that subtly influence the way Americans view “enhanced interrogation techniques”.

It’s hard to read this book and not come out of the experience thinking long and hard about the path our nation has taken since 9/11. One of Eisler’s strengths as a novelist is his ability to make his antagonists nuanced to the point where a reasonable person may sympathize with their actions. Indeed, one may have a hard time distinguishing who to root for in this densely layered plot.

Whatever your political beliefs, you’ll find “Inside Out” a terrific read, and I’m sure you’ll gain additional insight into the issues he writes about while enjoying the following interview.

Inside Out: A Novel – available on Amazon.

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